11 steps GCDT methods to help you find good quality shower door hinge

//11 steps GCDT methods to help you find good quality shower door hinge

11 steps GCDT methods to help you find good quality shower door hinge

When you install a frameless glass shower door screen in your home, you creat a stunning fixture to renovate bathroom .Usually the client will have some problem for the shower door.You open door multiple times a day, a year, or over many years. This is an incredibly important part.Inferior products don’t last and cause the door to drop, which can have catastrophic circumstances.

The key of the problem is find the good quality hinge to solve it. GCDT METHOD can help you. You can do follow 11 steps as below to check and chose :

Grasp for power test

1.Test break open pressure

You can Grasp the hinge in your hands. Twist it over to its side side, if the hinge can easily flip over to

Its side, that’s not good for you, the hinge should wants to index in a strong manner.

2.Test 90 degree bounce-back

It over to the side, that it bounces back to a perfect 90 degree condition to the hinge plate. It is very important. Alignment of the door in the closed position.

Check for Gasket

3.Check Gasket grip

The thickness of robber gasket grip, if it is too thick over time.So it will compress under the pressure of the plate.As it compresses it it will lose some of its grip.It thinner the better less, likely it’s going to compress and lose grip.

4.Check Cover plate evaluate

If the hinge plate is too thin, when the screws are torqued down. It have a slight deflection in it and lose some of its grip in the process,

Touch- surface finish

5.Surface finish

One way to evaluate a hinge is to look carefully at the surface and how to treat it. Nickel does it have a clear coat on it if manufactory do polish for it. if it is a brass polish it done with a PVD or a very durable surface.An oil rubbed bronze does it have a clear coat on it or a protective covering on it. Have any of these been tested in salt spray chambers. The manufacture guarantee any aspect of the surface

6.wall plated

You will find there’s several different trains of thought on wall plated some of them are full back some are short back,a short back can get glass to got closer to the wall, fullback plate would allow you to do some manufactures make them with scalloped areas where the glass could get in theory closer to the wall .It is all matter preference and to make the manufacturer have all the options you are evaluating.

7.mickey mouse ears

If you have mickey mouse ears are they detachable,mickey mouse ears are good it that they do make the glass so good.It can’t outrightly dislodge from the hinge a drawback to the mickey mouse hinge is you lose some surface contact area. When you have the mickey’s important to being able to grip a piece of glass different schools of thought

Disassembly to see inside

8.What’s inside

When you take a hinge apart the pin, which is the part that runs through has a set of set screws . hold the pin and being able to move its, for the pin to have pressure screws to keep the pin in place. these pressure screws are notorious for loosening that’s where you will get the clicking

9.Pins and locktight

Sound and hinge when a hinge moves the pin rocks back and forth.  Causes the clicking it’s important that there are manufactured with highest grade lock type.so that you can use and that will stop the pit these from backing out loosening up and getting clicking

10.Plunger & spring


The plungers should fit tightly inside the bore and it’s idea to have plungers that are not made of plastic,  a plastic one tends to cup and wear when it goes around the cam,metal plugers are always better than the plastic type and how they fit inside, this is also important inside of this one is the better metal ones and that part fitting very snugly inside of the shaft .


You have a lot of the spring coil is not too tightly wound and it is not too much of a short hinge you want the hinge to actually be able to have travel that stops the hinge from compressing too frequently and putting where on the hinge and wearing it out quickly or spring bind

11.Drop forged or die cast

Another thing to look at the hinge body most hinges are made by large manufactures are drop -forged, the better way to do it some of the very inexpensive offshore, hinges now are made out of die castings if you took the die casting you lightly with a hammer you could break off a part of it, so be wary of that drop forged is always better several schools of thought on the screws there ‘s phillips heads , allen screws there’s and slotted ones, most people prefer the allen crews,

Look every closely on this hinge in the right light, you will see a crease along the tramp, the crease is what happened when you open hinge too far and it’s dented to tram, most good hinges will have a nylon, the nylon bumper built into the hinge to prevent this kind of denting.

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