3 steps tell you how to clean your shower door and keep clean

    3 steps tell you how to clean your shower door and keep clean   Most people hate household chores. Glass shower doors with visible soap scum, hard-water-stains or mildew can make your entire bathroom look unclean。 you must to clean it. But is any cleaning task more difficult [...]

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“take a nap! Change your life”

The latest scientific research shows even a short early afternoon snooze can lead to better health, performance, and general well-being. In most of Europe and in Asian countries, particularly China, a restorative afternoon rest is part of daily life, says Sara Mednick, PhD, an associate professor [...]

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Why your frameless shower screen leaks

Why your frameless  shower screen leaks   “Shower screen leaking?” no one like it to happen.One of my friend she has a newly shower screen room in her bathroom,however it leaks a lot when showering, the water will simply flood out under the door rather [...]

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11 steps GCDT methods to help you find good quality shower door hinge

When you install a frameless glass shower door screen in your home, you creat a stunning fixture to renovate bathroom .Usually the client will have some problem for the shower door.You open door multiple times a day, a year, or over many years. This [...]

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