frameless pool fence casting satin face mount glass spigot


Smart face mount glass spigot Smart face mount glass fitting is a new type of glass hardware, easy to clean , widely used for different glass railing, Home Garden Stairs Balustrade ,Railing Balcony Glass Floor Clamp Astounding. As a Frameless glass spigots suppliers, smart face mount glass spigot are  baoconies kits. you can install [...]

casting frameless pool fence glass spigot fitting


  Frameles pool fence glass spigot designed for railing and balustrade fixing. the materail of it is stainless steel. finish:satin polish. Item Number:GF04 Material: Stainless Steel Duplex 2205 Surface: Satin Polished/Mirror Polished/Matt black Size detail:320*40mm Glass Thickness: 8-12mm glass panel

SS glass core drill glass balustrade spigots


  Core drill glass balustrade spigots specially design for coment floor balcony or hardest wood pool fencing glass installation with screw. Item Number:GF03 Material Stainless: Steel 316,Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel Characteristic: This type of glass spigot is core drill into concrete Surface: Satin Polished,Mirror Polished Sizes Details: spigot body Dia48×175mm grub screw M10×16mm rubber [...]

glass fence casted side wall fixed spigot


  Glass fence casted side wall fixed spigot widly for pool fencing.Black glass spigot is most popular one in the outlet spigots. Item:GF02 Material: Stainless Steel 316,Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel Characteristic: This casted spigot is side wall mount glass spigot Surface: Satin Polished/Mirror Polished Sizes Details: spigot body 143×50×32mm rubber spacer 99×47.5×1.0mm groove [...]

Stainless steel frameless glass railing fencing spigot


Stainless steel spigot - glass railing system fitting    Frameless railing fencing spigots, with surface:satin ,chrome, and black power coated. materail is stainless steel. they have different type for your chose.such as side mouted spigots, wall mouted spigots and so on. Where is the glass railing spigot using?   Best Detail for Glass Spigots Pool [...]