Shower door sweep frameless glass shower door seal weather stripping


The resistance to moisture and the flexible edges make this seal, which adheres perfectly to shower screen cubicles, an ideal finishing for your shower door or shower cubicle and seals it off in an ideal way.which ensures long-term protection from water seeping in, cleaning agents, dust and other kinds of damage Length: 2meter, 2.5meter, [...]

8mm glass folding shower screen door seal trim


You will find this F shape strip seal.  install to the glass folding door. the function is stopping two glass crush together. so it is also used for sliding shower door. And call it bathroom shower screen seal. Length: 2meter, 2.5meter, can be customized Glass thickness: 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm Material:rubber, polycarbonate or viny Feature: Prevent leakage,cold-proof, seal [...]

H clear PVC seal shower screen rubber seal glass shower door fitting


frameless shower door seal widely used for the shower screen sliding door. made of rubber, polycarbonate or vinyl.suitable for 4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm glass. Every shower door type may have a different seal than other types. we have H shape, F shape, U shape.  The special corner seal to meet your different requested. Length: 2meter, 2.5meter, can [...]

stainless steel wall to glass hinge fitting wall mounted


stainless steel glass to wall shower door hinges, widely used for glazing and glass industry. This hinge specially for shower screen wall fixing, and framless shower cubile, which is made of stainless steel, brass and zine, so you can chose different material door hinge according to your requested Item:SH04 Material:SS304 /SS316 Surface:satin/polished Glass thickness:8-12mm [...]

90 degree shower screen door hinge


  Our SH03 shower screen 90 degree door hinge Used for standard glass-to-glass door installation  Item:SH03 Material:SS304 /SS316 Surface:satin/polished Glass thickness:8-12mm Max weight:45kgs/pair Implement two-way 90 ° open doors, when the doors close to 25 °, door leaf self-return Life text: 250,000 times

glass to glass door hinge 180 degree stainless steel fitting


180 Degree Glass To Glass Hinge. Our most popular hinge when install a shower cubicle and need a quality hinge with a long lifespan, you can chose it. Item:SH02 Material:SS304 /SS316 Surface:satin/polished Glass thickness:8-12mm max weight:45kgs/pair Implement two-way 180° open doors, when the doors close to 25 °, door leaf self-return Life text: 250,000 [...]

stainless steel glass fixing 135 degree shower screen hinge


  135 stainless steel shower screen door hinge can be framed and framless shower door using, have chromed, satin polish and black coated. Item: SH01 Material:SS304 /SS316 Surface:satin/polished Angle135 degree two way Glass thickness:8-12mm Maxweight:45kg/pair