“take a nap! Change your life”

//“take a nap! Change your life”

“take a nap! Change your life”

The latest scientific research shows even a short early afternoon snooze can lead to better health, performance, and general well-being.

In most of Europe and in Asian countries, particularly China, a restorative afternoon rest is part of daily life, says Sara Mednick, PhD, an associate professor in the department of cognitive science at the University of California, Irvine, and author of “Take a Nap! Change Your Life.” but in America,daytime snoozing is still often viewed as lazy — a guilt-inducing indulgence. Now Perspectives on napping are changing.


You will not think the little just 20 mints can change your work and change your life, but it has done.Napping can reduce blood pressure,can decrease metabolic risks and so on.


Small change can make big impact. Which also happen to other filed, let go to read on.


“Offset 5 degree! Make door tighter”



It just 5 degree change and help the door closer and change the bathroom. which is a very special shower door hardware parts


More and more clients ask me” do you have 5 degree offset glass hinge?” which makes me more curiousness, I decide to find the reason, when I ask to our engineers, they told me that”when you install a glass door, with 5 degree offset glass hinge, it will make door closer to the each other, make it more tighter. You will ask why?


The reason is Each offset Hinge contains a Reversible Pivot Pin. One side of the Pin is marked at 90 Degree. The opposite side of the Pin is marked 85 Degree. Standard Hinges come with the 90 Degree side activated. Pre-Set Models come with the Pin pre-set for 85 Degree (5 Degree tighter closure into shower interior). The Pin can be rotated (not flipped upside down) to activate the other side.


When you need this glass hinge door for your shower room?


When you need a pivot door and want it more closer, this hinge part Reversible for right or left door opening. Some people will boring with the leaking with the door between the door and wall, in this case, the 5 degree offset hinge will help you to improve the closer and avoid or reduce the leaking. You will be worried the surface rust, I want to tell you, it made of the copper in our factory and it will not rust and stronger.


We will share some vedio to show you how to work in next time.

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