Why your frameless shower screen leaks

//Why your frameless shower screen leaks

Why your frameless shower screen leaks

Why your frameless  shower screen leaks


“Shower screen leaking?” no one like it to happen.One of my friend she has a newly shower screen room in her bathroom,however it leaks a lot when showering, the water will simply flood out under the door rather than down the drain,the floor is soaking wet.

You will surprise why the new shower screen leak? Yes, I believe everyone want to know the answer.

Why shower screen leaks? if you want to know what are the reasons, most would be the below reason.


  1.  Gap between the bottom of the glass and the tiles.
  2. There is also a gap between the glass panel and glass door.
  3. there is no sufficient slope in the floor,plus the drain is too small, difficult to drain away the water.

How to solve it?

The main reason what causes water to leak as the glass door or screen is not fully sealed.

1.  Putting a strip of silicon on the ground underneath the frameless door. Will look but should work.
2.  Put a strip of either PVC or aluminium angle attached to the floor on the inside of the shower. Ali would look best. Door may not open nicely if butted along whole inside section.

3.Angle the shower-head slightly inwards so that the water splashing off the shower is less “explosive”

4. use a silicone gun to draw a low clear line on the shower floor to align under your shower door when closed (and scrape it away with a blade if it doesn’t work)

5.put side shower panel sealon between the wall and the glass panel door but equally it can be added around the L shape of the door (side and below)

6.goes over the glass its a U channel. Also for the bottom if the door is to high they have shower door trash-holds which mounted right under the shower door to let the water drain back into the shower stall.made specially for flat or out-sloping curbs and they have rounded low contour of the half rounded-threshold will not hurt your feet. They can also be used in conjunction with door’s bottom sweep.

7.This is the bottom seal and side pane seal it slips over the the frame and it don’t have to be glued so adjustments can be made if the door out of level same goes for the bottom sweep


Whatever you used,that must be suitable and solvable. When you check and find the problem between the fix panel and the glass door, you can use the H or Y shape side shower seal will be better.


H shower seal

When leaks happen to bottom, youcanchose U shape silicon seal to solve it.

U shower seal

U shower seal 2

If you clients want to different requested, we can offer you different shower seal.

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